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  • Healthy Hair Growth
  • Improves Nail Health
  • Promotes Vibrant Skin




  • Key Ingredients


    Thiamine has a direct effect on the condition of hair by increasing a nutrient commonly deficient in persons. It can benefit by strengthening curls, increase hair growth, slowing the appearance of gray hair, increase brightness of color, and saturation of hair.


    Riboflavin is a well-absorbed water-soluble vitamin, which has a key role to play in maintaining overall human health. It is important for ensuring proper growth and development of reproductive organs, and the growth of body tissues such as the skin, connective tissue, eyes, and the immune system. Riboflavin also plays a major role in enhancing healthy hair, skin, and nails.

    In addition, Riboflavin plays an important role in the repair of tissues, the healing of wounds, other injuries that can take a long time to fully recover, and boosts the immune system.


    Niacin helps protect skin cells from sun damage, brain health, and skin cancer prevention. Niacin can be sourced from common foods such as yeast, milk, meat, tortillas and cereal grains. But the dosage intake is diet dependent.


    Biotin provides support for daily bodily functions. It also ensures the health of our hair, skin and nails. Those that are deficient in biotin may experience such symptoms as brittle nails, splitting hair that easily breaks, and irritated dry skin.

    Consuming enough biotin also works as a preventative measure, protecting your skin from such conditions as fungal infections and acne, while keeping your skin moisturized and prevents it from cracking.

    Hydrolyzed Collagen

    Hydrolyzed collagen is a type of collagen that can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Your typical collagen is vigorously broken down and lessens it’s availability to the body.

    With hydrolyzed collagen you’re able to fully reap the benefits collagen has to offer. Collagen is known for it’s benefits to alleviate joint pain, give skin a more youthful appearance, and improve bone health.

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