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The PUMP Volumizing Matrix: Unlock the power of an incredible pump during your training sessions with the extraordinary PUMP Volumizing Matrix one of the five stacks found in KREEX! Harnessing the strength of a substantial 6-gram dose of pure Citrulline, an amino acid that converts to nitric oxide (N.O.) in your bloodstream, this matrix takes your pump to new heights. Supported by L-Histidine, Pine Bark, and Glycerol, it maximizes blood vessel dilation, resulting in optimal oxygen and nutrient delivery to your muscles. But we don't stop there – for unrivaled endurance, we've included a full dose of Beta Alanine to regulate acidity buildup during high-intensity exercises. Experience the pinnacle of pump and performance!


Creatine Mass Absorption Matrix: Unleash your size and strength potential with the game-changing Creatine Mass Absorption Matrix in KREEX! This matrix combines the gold standard of 100% micronized creatine monohydrate with specialized buffering and absorption agents, maximizing the benefits of every scoop. Amplify your gains like never before! But that's not all – we've added a full dose of Betaine Anhydrous, working in perfect synergy with creatine to enhance size and force production. May the force be with you as you unleash your true power!


The Instantized BCAA Matrix: Fuel your muscles with the powerhouse Instantized BCAA Matrix found in KREEX! Packed with a generous 4 grams of branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) in a precise 2:1:1 ratio, sourced from the finest vegan fermentation process, it's the ultimate formula. BCAAs, with a special focus on leucine, activate the mTOR pathway, triggering a potent anabolic "growth" signal within your muscle cell mitochondria. Experience reduced muscle breakdown during training and accelerated recovery time between workouts, thanks to these remarkable amino acids. Give your body the recovery, and support it deserves.

Our Hyper Focus Matrix: Supercharge your focus and elevate your mind during workouts with the extraordinary Hyper Focus Matrix in KREEX! This mind-enhancing stack combines stimulants like Caffeine and Theobromine with potent nootropics, empowering you with unparalleled immersion into your training. Experience a surge of energy and lightness, allowing you to maintain productive, laser-like focus that outlasts even the most intense workout sessions. Unleash your mental power and conquer your fitness goals.


Hydro Electrolyte Matrix: Achieve peak performance and stay hydrated during your workouts with the vital Hydro Electrolyte Matrix found in KREEX! Our formula incorporates natural pink Himalayan salt, along with added sodium and potassium, to keep you both hydrated and mentally sharp. Maintaining optimal hydration is crucial to sustaining intensity and maximizing your powers. Even slight dehydration can lead to early fatigue and brain fog, hindering your performance. By replenishing electrolytes, you not only restore hydration but also facilitate the transport of water and essential nutrients into your muscle cells, promoting muscle density and delivering an incredible pump.


Unlock your full potential with KREEX the unrivaled king of pre-workouts and experience the transformative power of these 5 incredible stacks inside 1 awesome product, there is no other!

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